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VE4WDR "D-Star" UHF 444.575+ VHF145.490-

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Welcome to - Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group - VE4WDR

AntennaD-Star, “Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio" is the JARL standard for Digital Voice and Digital Data on VHF/UHF/Above.

Birds ViewThe Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group Inc. was founded August 2, 2011, and is dedicated to providing Amateur Radio Operators access to the new world of D-Star technology. D-Star repeater VE4WDR went "On The Air" October 22, 2011, and is located high above Winnipeg with a great "Bird's Eye" view of the city.

With a D-Star capable radio you can enjoy "Crystal Clear" communications with local Hams or with Hams around the world through the D-Star Gateway. Or through the computer using a USB "DV Dongle" which provides you access to the D-Star Gateway when in an area without D-Star coverage.

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Real Time view of Winnipeg's skyline from the HSMM Project ! Click on image for larger view -

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VE4WDR- Winnipeg's D-Star Gateway To The World

Coverage Area based on reports
from users using the Icom 92AD with an external antenna

2011 Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group