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VE4WDR - D-Star – VE4DMR - DMR

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The VE4WDR "D-Star" System

The VE4WDR D-Star Repeater System currently includes...

Module A - Mode "D"- ID RP-2D 1.2 Ghz Local Data Repeater 1248.300 Data

Module B - Mode "V" ID RP-4000V UHF Digital Voice Repeater & Duplexer 444.575+ DV 30 Watts

Module C - Mode "V" ID RP-2000V VHF Digital Voice Repeater & Duplexer 145.490- DV 30 Watts

AntennaID 2C Repeater Controller

Power Supply

UHF & VHF Duplexers

Rack Mounted Computer running the Linux CentOS 5 & Gateway software

On The Roof...

UHF 4-Bay Folded Dipole

VHF 4-Bay Folded Dipole

1.2 Ghz 6db Omnidirectional

View System Status and "Last Heard" Users - Click Here


VE4WDR VHF/UHF/1.2 Gig D-Star System

2011 Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group