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AntennaAbout The Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group

The Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group was formed as a non-profit organization at a meeting of Winnipeg Hams on August 2, 2011, for the purpose of improving Amateur Radio communications through the installation of a D-Star repeater(s) & internet gateway in the City of Winnipeg.

At our initial meeting our directors were chosen... Mark Blumm, VE4MAB - President, Garth Blumm VE4GWB - Vice-President, and Dennis Hurt VE4XE - Secretary. We began the process and became incorporated.

The initial project was to install a UHF D-Star repeater and internet gateway and the decision was made that the Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group D-Star system will remain "Open Access" to all licenced Amateur Radio operators for local use. To help support our goals it was decided that a membership in the Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group being required for access to the gateway through the Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group repeater(s).

Within a month we obtained the current site for our D-Star system, obtained call sign VE4WDR and frequency 444.575+ for our UHF Digital Voice repeater and we wished there were more Saturdays in the month to get the work done. We installed a 6db omni directional UHF antenna at about 1050 feet above sea level, ran the cable and installed the UHF DV repeater, duplexer, repeater controller, power supply and computer, and were live "On The Air" October 22, 2011. Installation of a VHF Digital Voice repeater 145.490- and a 1.2 Ghz Local Data repeater and an internet connection linking VE4WDR to the Gateway followed.

Our By-Laws - VE4WDR - By-Laws

Thanks Roy VE4EN & CJNU for the repeater site, and to Ted VE4VID, Glen VE4GWN, Dennis VE4XE, Garth VE4GWB for all the hard rooftop work.

Thanks to George VE4GHR, Rob VE4TNT, Garth VE4GWB and Eric VE3EI for their computer related expertise.

And a very special thank-you to George VE4GDH of Micro-HighTech for his guidance and technical support!

Catch you on D-Star!

Mark Blumm VE4MAB

Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group Inc.

2011 Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group