Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group Inc.

VE4WDR "D-Star" UHF 444.575+ VHF145.490-

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The VE4WDR D-Star repeater is "Open Access" for use by licenced Amateur Radio Operators. The D-Star Gateway allows users to link to "World-Wide" Reflectors, Repeaters, and individual Call Signs.

The VA4WAN HSMM/HamWan site is "Open Access" for local use by licences Amateur Radio Operators in Winnipeg. The HSMM (High Speed Multimeda) Project provides Winnipeg Amateurs city-wide WiFi internet access using amateur frequencies.

Your memberhip supports maintenance costs, system upgrades and liability insurance!

Membership is $ 35 per year and if you are also a member of RAC then memberhip is $25 per year, August 1 to July 31, and is not prorated.

If paying through PayPal please select which project you are supporting, D-Star, HSMM or Both.

Join/Renew Now using PayPal...

If your call sign is outside the
VE4/VA4 area please send us an
e-mail first

WDRG Membership
RAC Membership #
Call Sign

You can also download a PDF application to mail in with your payment - Click Here

Once we receive your application you can register your VE4/VA4 Call Sign for Gateway Access on VE4WDR - Click Here . (If you get a certificate warning click to continue/proceed) Once the administrator approves your request you can sign in to complete your registration. For detailed Registration instructions - Click here

If you reside outside the VE4/VA4 area and wish to join the Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group for the purpose of accessing the D-Star Gateway using a Dongle please send us an e-mail about your application to so the administrator can approve your request.

Should you wish to support the VE4WDR D-Star Gateway with a donation your contribution would be appreciated.

Should you wish to support the HSMM Project with a donation your contribution would be appreciated.
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