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Welcome to - Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group - VE4WDR

AntennaD-Star, “Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio" is the JARL standard for Digital Voice and Digital Data on VHF/UHF/Above.

Birds ViewThe Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group Inc. was founded August 2, 2011, and is dedicated to providing Amateur Radio Operators access to the new world of D-Star technology. D-Star repeater VE4WDR went "On The Air" October 22, 2011, and is located high above Winnipeg with a great "Bird's Eye" view of the city.

With a D-Star capable radio you can enjoy "Crystal Clear" communications with local Hams or with Hams around the world through the D-Star Gateway. Or through the computer using a USB "DV Dongle" which provides you access to the D-Star Gateway when in an area without D-Star coverage.

View the System Status & Stations "Last Heard" on VE4WDR - Click Here

After a successful fund-raising drive in 2019 the Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group purchased a Hytera RD-982 DMR repeater and VE4DMR went on the air providing another digital mode in Winnipeg.

The Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group Inc expanded the DMR system and after a successful fundraiser installed a DMR repeater, VE4DMS, in Selkirk, Manitoba, in July of 2021.

We installed a DMR repeater, VE4DMP, in Portage Pa Prairie in October 2021 went on the air in late October 2021 thanks to the generous donations and hard work that made this happen. We are now fund raising for this project.

Should you wish to further support the DMR Project with a donation your contribution would be appreciated.

For more information on the DMR System - Click Here

The Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group held their annual AGM on October 30, 2023, and among other things voted in favor of the WAN group leaving our group.

Some of the reasons why is that on or about the 23 April 2023, the WAN group wanted the WDRG board of directors to sign a new lease agreement between Manitoba Housing/Renewal and WDRG. This lease agreement was so that the Manitoba Repeater Society could install repeaters and other radio equipment on the rooftops at 101 Marion Street and 53-55 Stadacona Street in Winnipeg.

The WDRG board of directors reviewed the lease conditions and decided not to sign the new lease agreement as our group could not abide by the conditions and liability requirements.

Some of the reasons is that the WDRG would be responsible for all liability and all costs such as to require guardrails or fall protection as required for safety, WDRG shall ensure that the structural integrity and load bearing capability of the roof of the buildings, WDRG shall pay for a third-party consultant retained by MB Housing to review plans and installation of the equipment to ensure conditions of the lease are protected, WDRG agrees to repair or refinish any surface of the building that is damaged by or during the installation of the equipment or caused by anyone, Upon expiration of the lease or termination of the lease, WDRG is fully responsible for all costs to repair to the MB Housings satisfaction, return the site and any other affected portions of the building to their original conditions prior to the installation of the equipment.

One of the WAN members stated that he would not sign the lease agreement because of the lease liability and lease conditions.

As a result of the liability and lease conditions, the WDRG board of directors voted not to sign the agreement for the Marion and Stadacona Street locations for MRS.

Further investigation revealed that the WAN group had previously acquired other Manitoba Housing and Renewal locations that were only signed by the Vice-President of WDRG at the time and no documentation can be found that there was any discussion or approval by the WDRG board of directors for the following locations:

529 Country Club Road in Winnipeg
60 Chesterfield Road in Winnipeg
601 Osborne Street in Winnipeg
215 Eaton Street in Selkirk

Article 8 of the WDRG bylaws which states: Deeds, transfers, licenses, contracts and engagements on behalf of Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group Inc. shall be signed by the President or the Vice-President and by the Secretary.

The minutes of the 2023 AGM will be emailed to all Winnipeg Digital Group members as of October 30, 2023.

The minutes of the October 30, 2023, AGM can also be downloaded in PDF format - Click Here

The minutes of the April 23, 2023, Board of Directors meeting can be downloaded in PDF format - Click Here

The minutes of the June 8, 2023, Board of Directors meeting can be downloaded in PDF format - Click Here

The minutes of the November 4, 2023, Board of Directors meeting can be downloaded in PDF format - Click Here

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