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VE4WDR "D-Star" UHF 444.575+ VHF145.490-

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Welcome to - Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group - VE4WDR

AntennaD-Star, “Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio" is the JARL standard for Digital Voice and Digital Data on VHF/UHF/Above.

Birds ViewThe Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group Inc. was founded August 2, 2011, and is dedicated to providing Amateur Radio Operators access to the new world of D-Star technology. D-Star repeater VE4WDR went "On The Air" October 22, 2011, and is located high above Winnipeg with a great "Bird's Eye" view of the city.

With a D-Star capable radio you can enjoy "Crystal Clear" communications with local Hams or with Hams around the world through the D-Star Gateway. Or through the computer using a USB "DV Dongle" which provides you access to the D-Star Gateway when in an area without D-Star coverage.

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Joining our group July 29, 2015, the HSMM/HamWan Project is a Winnipeg-wide wireless network using Wi-Fi devices tuned to operate at frequencies that have been allocated by Industry Canada for amateur radio use (mainly 2.3Ghz and 5.9Ghz). This network will be used for RF experimentation, radio training, and backup high-speed emergency communications as needed by Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) and their served agencies during a time of disaster or emergency.

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Real Time view of Winnipeg's skyline from the HSMM Project ! Click on image for larger view -

A special thanks to LES.NET (1996) INC. for providing the amateur radio community with AMPRNet BGP routing and fiber-microwave connectivity.

VE4WDR- Winnipeg's D-Star Gateway To The World

Coverage Area based on reports
from users using the Icom 92AD with an external antenna

2011 Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group